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About DoorDash Engineering

DoorDash is rapidly growing a logistics platform that enables millions of orders a day globally, and none of it would be possible without our world-class engineering team. Learn about the team, innovative technology, and customer-focused engineering culture that drives our tenacious growth and powers our rapid execution at scale.

Our Engineering Team’s Pillars

Customer Obsession

Improving the customer experience through
every product we build and feature we ship

Velocity at Scale

Maintaining high quality, reliability,
and integrity with rigorous execution

Pragmatic Solutions

Propelling unprecedented and sustainable global business growth by leveraging cutting edge technologies

Impact Driven Culture

Solving complex real-world problems with
diverse teams of helpful, humble people

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Our Technology and Culture

Read our engineering blog to learn about the pragmatic solutions we build to delight our customers and power DoorDash's growth.


Our backend teams primarily focus on scaling our platform and data infrastructure, building new products, ensuring reliability at scale, and boosting developer productivity. Our team has converted our platform from a monolith to microservices, migrated to a distributed database, built new features and experiences, and optimized our platform for lower latencies and higher reliability.

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Data science and machine learning

As a data-driven company, DoorDash aims to improve the logistics of every delivery by optimizing as many customer touchpoints and interactions as possible. Every Data Scientist aims to find ways to deliver business impact by building data-driven products for advanced measurement and optimization.

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DoorDash’s engineering culture is driven by our people’s ownership, humility, and eagerness to collaborate and build products together. For those looking to grow their career while making a big impact on local economies, our team can offer a place to learn and contribute in an inclusive environment.

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The Engineering Teams Powering Our Growth

Learn about the Engineering teams’ structure and main functions.

Spotlight on Infrastructure

The Infrastructure organization at DoorDash is responsible for the engineering platform on top of our cloud based ecosystem. Production engineering, developer productivity, and data platform are a few of the key pieces that allow DoorDash to function. Infrastructure is the foundation that the business runs on across the organization.

Infrastructure Sub Teams

Contributing To The Tech Community

To support and give back to the wider developer community, we have started to open source parts of our codebase. Additionally, DoorDash engineers share what they have learned while building our platform with the community, by speaking at industry events.

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Participation at the Largest Industry Events

Sharing Our Experiences in Industry Events

DoorDash engineers showcase their leadership and their work.

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How to Join Our Team

As our business continues to grow, we must expand our engineering team to take on new challenges and be ready to serve our three-sided marketplace.

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If you are looking to make an impact with innovative technology while advancing your career at a rapidly growing company, consider joining us.

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Internships and New Grad Opportunities

Starting your career off strong means getting the best experience and making a direct impact on real people’s lives. Get valuable software development experience through one of our internships and start your career at DoorDash.

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