Earlier this year, at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, we demoed a way for DoorDash customers to place group orders directly from the new iMessage app.

After polishing up the feature for the past few months and seeing the successful roll out of the new iMessage for iOS10, we’re excited that DoorDash for iMessage is now available with the new DoorDash iOS app. Now you can order in lunch with coworkers, plan a pre-football tailgate, or order dinner for the whole family, all from an existing iMessage group chat.

So how does it work?

To start, make sure you have the DoorDash app enabled for iMessage. To do so, click on the app store icon within iMessage, then select add a store, under the ‘manage’ tab and slide the DoorDash app to ‘on’.

Once the app had been installed into iMessage, create a group message, click on the app store icon and select DoorDash to see a list of your favorite restaurants, just as you would in the DoorDash app.

From there, it’s as simple as sending a text message. Once you pick a restaurant from DoorDash’s awesome selection, a new chat message will appear in your conversation with the group order ready to go. Just send the message to the other participants in the iMessage group chat and they are ready to go.

By tapping on the chat bubble, people who already have the DoorDash app will be taken to the store’s menu page, where they can add items to the group order. They can then send updates (i.e., Jeff added 3 items), to other participants by updating the chat bubble. A participant who does not have the DoorDash app will be prompted to download it directly in iMessage and then can proceed to add his or her selected items to the group order. Once everyone has chosen their food and added it the cart, the creator of the group order can submit the order whenever ready. And voila, food for the team lunch has been ordered! At DoorDash we’re always looking for ways to make delivery easier than ever, and we’re excited that this integration makes DoorDash work so seamlessly with an app most people use every day.

So, next time you’re entertaining a group of friends for dinner, don’t stress about getting everyone’s order. Just send out a group iMessage and let them make the difficult decision of what do you want for dinner. Then sit back and let DoorDash handle the logistics.