Update: DoorDash has opened a new New York City office. Learn about that office launch in this article. As DoorDash expands its footprint into all 50 states, growing from 600 cities to 3,300 in the past year alone, it’s time for our Engineering Org to expand to keep pace. In addition to our engineering teams in San Francisco and Mountain View, a group of engineers from San Francisco recently moved to Manhattan to kick off our bicoastal Engineering presence. Delivery is nothing new to New York, rather it’s been evolving there for decades, making Manhattan the gold standard. In 1945, Manhattan was where the first “ordered to take home” pizzas were delivered, and the city hasn’t looked back since. Today, hundreds of thousands of meals are delivered each day throughout Manhattan. This illustrious history of food delivery in New York City made it the obvious location for our next office. In the coming months, we’ll immerse ourselves in the city, trying to get to the core of what makes it unique— venturing out to eateries across the city, testing different forms of delivering food, and learning how New York became the trailblazer it is in the delivery industry. Getting engineering boots on the ground will allow us to learn and iterate on the model that’s been so successful in the past, and scale our learnings across every market in which DoorDash operates. One of our primary focuses in the NYC office will be building products to help DoorDash deliver quickly and reliably in highly dense delivery markets while using machine learning models to adapt our existing logistics platform to handle the challenges of urban geographies. Manhattan is situated amongst a conglomerate of metro areas, which makes it the perfect location to start testing our bets. As we learn more over the coming months, we’ll do more to delight our customers, wherever they may be.

Our new office near Madison Square Park -- 45 W 25th St, New York, New York

The New York team testing out a new delivery vehicle on the streets of Manhattan

DoorDash is the fastest growing on-demand logistics platform in North America. We are passionate about building solutions that have the power to transform last-mile logistics. Our team is growing quickly and we’re looking for talented engineers with a passion for impact. In addition to working on game-changing products, you’ll also be shaping the core technology that powers DoorDash and be part of the cornerstone of the New York Engineering culture. If you’re interested in solving challenging logistics problems, come join us today!