I’m thrilled to publicly share that DoorDash has established an engineering presence in Seattle! As DoorDash continues to grow its footprint across the US and beyond, it’s time for our Engineering team to expand along with it. I’m excited to welcome the builders and creators of the Northwest to join us on this exciting journey—we’re just getting started and we’d love for you to be a part of our growing team.

As someone who has worked at centralized headquarters and remote engineering offices I know first-hand what it takes to make this model thrive: a growth-oriented team given the autonomy to execute, along with end-to-end ownership of critical business initiatives which remain deeply connected to headquarters. In that vein, Seattle will be home to two very exciting products in the DoorDash ecosystem: DoorDash Drive and DashMart.

DoorDash Drive is our logistics platform for merchants, enabling businesses to leverage our network to expand their footprint and customer reach through their own channels, with deliveries fulfilled by Dashers. It’s our way of opening up DoorDash to merchants who want to enable on-demand delivery with ease, leveraging the power of our platform to handle the last-mile delivery logistics. Drive is a mature but rapidly growing business, with tons of exciting work ahead of it as we expand into a number of new verticals: grocery, retail, alcohol, pizza, and more. Our mission is to transform DoorDash into a platform that can deliver anything to anyone.

DashMart, announced in August, is a new type of convenience store offering both household essentials and local restaurant favorites to our customers’ doorsteps. On DashMart, you’ll find thousands of convenience, grocery, and restaurant items, from ice cream and chips to spice rubs and packaged desserts from the local restaurants you love. DashMart stores are owned, operated, and curated by DoorDash and are currently available in over a dozen cities, with many more coming soon. We’re looking to build a founding team of engineers to help enable the rapid expansion of DashMarts across many of our major US markets, pushing the limits of on-demand convenience in the digital age. 

Engineering work in Seattle will mean something a little different during a global pandemic. For the next several months we’ll continue to work virtually while we secure an office to facilitate collaboration when we return to work. Regardless of in-person interaction, we’re building a place to do your best work, with the commitment and support of a leadership team that’s invested in your growth and success. As we assemble a team we’ll prioritize:

  • Outcomes and Impact: We are a team of builders and our ability to deliver value for our customers is paramount. We’ll focus on the substance of solving challenging problems and will seek to create space for front-line teams to innovate with autonomy and ownership. We take immense pride in the craft of our work and expect you will as well.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Our merchants, Dashers, and customers represent the diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and identities that make local communities vibrant places. We are committed to not only reflecting this diversity within the four walls of DoorDash, but also fostering deeper moments of inclusion in our products and within our teams. Integrating D&I values into the ways we hire, promote, and behave is an important commitment to make and we believe an inclusive environment is a competitive advantage—diverse teams drive growth and innovation and push all of us to be better.
  • Fun: Beyond the psychological safety that comes from fostering inclusion, we believe that everyone should bring their authentic selves to work and enjoy what they do. Too many people get caught in the tension between “living to work” and “working to live.” At DoorDash Seattle, we strive to break this mutual exclusion, creating an environment where you can bring your best self to work every single day. 

On a personal note, I’m incredibly excited to have recently joined DoorDash to help it expand into the Seattle area. I’m a builder at heart and have been impressed by the execution prowess and innovation that DoorDash has pioneered in the delivery space. I’m also a huge believer in the value that gig work provides for earners around the globe and see DoorDash as playing an increasingly critical role in protecting and evolving flexible work models that millions have come to depend on; all while creating significant value for businesses and merchants on the platform.

Our team in Seattle is growing quickly, with plans to hire 100 engineers over the next 12 months! Joining us will give you an opportunity to work on game-changing products and become part of the cornerstone of the Seattle engineering culture. If you’re interested in contributing to a high impact team that has the power to transform last-mile logistics, check out our current tech roles open in Seattle!