I am excited to announce our brand new engineering organization in Toronto, DoorDash’s first international engineering hub, which will serve as a model for future tech offices. Leveraging the deep well of engineering talent in the Toronto area, we are building a team which will support our expanding merchant, Dasher, and consumer services throughout Canada. These teams will help us better support constituents across the country.

Over the past few years, we have expanded our business in cities and communities across Canada, from major metropolises like Vancouver to small communities like Truro, helping people quickly and easily connect to the best of their neighborhoods. Along with consumers, Canadian restaurants, merchants, and Dashers all connect through our platform. 

Engineers in our Toronto office, working in backend, frontend, and mobile roles, can bring a local perspective to these efforts, focusing on the needs of our Canadian customers. Current and new engineers at the site will be working remotely through 2021, then joining together in our Toronto office. We intend to grow this new site rapidly, adding 50 engineers in Toronto by the end of the year. 

Bringing a greater focus to Canada 

Toronto was the first location outside the US where DoorDash launched its logistics services, and we know the needs of our Canadian users require specialized tools and services. Figuring out how to refine our services for Canadian cities will create a better commerce experience for the merchants, consumers, and Dashers who use our platform.

As a bilingual country, our Toronto-based engineers bring internationalization and localization experience to DoorDash. Solving these types of challenges will set the foundation for future global engineering site expansions. Engineering our platform for new currencies, languages, and cultural norms will require sensitivity and expertise.

Leveraging Toronto’s tech scene 

The Toronto region hosts over 15,000 tech companies, including many start-ups, and a wealth of engineering talent, making it a natural location for DoorDash’s first engineering office in Canada. 

As a veteran of the Toronto tech scene, I’m proud to be launching this new office, and look forward to coaching the teams we will be recruiting to contribute to DoorDash’s technology platform. I previously worked for Amazon, leading large engineering teams within fulfillment.  Prior to Amazon, I worked at various startups in industries ranging from logistics to medical imaging to social marketing. 

We are excited to offer opportunities that span a wide range of engineering disciplines. Frontend engineers at DoorDash develop web, iOS, and Android apps. Backend engineers contribute to the microservices-based backend architecture that supports our business logic, enabling millions of orders and deliveries. We build and maintain a robust data infrastructure that supports our artificial intelligence experts who develop the models that enable timely deliveries.

Here are some of the engineering roles we are hiring for in Toronto:

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