We are excited to announce that DoorDash Engineering is coming to Chicago to build out our merchant finance team and to extend the presence of our other merchant teams in the region. DoorDash is the leader in last-mile logistics in the United States and its aspirations are to be a leader in other verticals such as grocery, convenience, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and more. We are also working to expand beyond delivery to building a 360 e-commerce platform complete with online ordering, marketing, promotions, and loyalty programs. To make all of these initiatives a reality, we need to grow our team with more talented engineers.

Why expand to Chicago? 

Chicago is a finance powerhouse in the US, with tons of financial institutions that are built and run by tons of amazing engineers. Chicago can truly boast about its massive tech community. At DoorDash, we hope to hire some of the best of the best from the area to help us build new financial platforms and products. Because of our hypergrowth, we are always expanding into new areas and need the experience the market has to offer to hit the ground running. This is also an opportunity to help us build our first Engineering team in Chicago: The Merchant Finance team.

The teams we are building in Chicago 

The Merchant Finance team’s vision is to be our merchants' most trusted business partner by issuing accurate, consistent, and transparent payments, while delivering world-class financial products. The team will build platforms and services to calculate, process, pay, and reconcile every dollar that a merchant earns and gets paid on the DoorDash platform. If you are excited about taking on significant technical challenges that come with building platforms and products that scale, love numbers, and wish to create a huge impact, this is the right team for you. The Merchant Finance team is made up of two big areas: Merchant Pay and Tax.

The Merchant Pay team is reimagining merchant pricing, payment, and accounting for DoorDash merchants by making the most complicated financial compliance tasks simple, accurate, and transparent. 

This team is building a merchant pay platform that allows for commissions, discounts, fees, tax, and more to be set and used in calculating merchant earnings. Some other exciting features the team is building include a rebate platform to reward merchants for efficient operations and good standing services, flexible and dynamic pricing models for merchants to choose from depending on their needs, and accurate and transparent reporting for merchant reconciliations. There is definitely a lot of ground-up platform development work here, along with impactful products to build that cater to every merchant, from mom-and-pop shops to large enterprises. Plus reliability is our #1 feature, and we build things that must function at DoorDash’s scale.

The Tax team is responsible for calculating and reporting the taxes on all DoorDash orders by creating an intelligent, centralized technology solution for tax professionals and business owners. The platform will manage and calculate taxes that are accurate and compliant in every jurisdiction and can be configured to the regulatory tax needs of each area of operation. This is a central team that does not just watch the platform’s tax needs but also manages the compliance and regulatory needs for each order passing through the system. Some exciting features that we are building are: 

  • a robust tax engine for international taxes,
  • a centralized tax solution that hosts taxes for various products offered by DoorDash such as Delivery, Online Ordering, Pick Up, Convenience and Groceries, etc. 
  • tax reporting and filing. 

In the long run, the Tax team aspires to build a platform that can help every merchant with all their tax needs. 

Chicago office leadership 

Varsha Dudani

I’m Varsha and will lead the Chicago office, and will share a little bit about myself. I have worked with DoorDash for almost four years and have managed multiple teams across our merchant organization. DoorDash is an exciting place to work, and I have seen the hypergrowth of this rocketship first hand. The last four years have been fun to experience, but also humbling as we work with the best talent, in service of a great, community-focused mission. At DoorDash, we reinvent ourselves as quickly as the company does, and I can say with certainty that I have done the best work of my life here. I am super excited to bring aboard some awesome engineers for our merchant organization in Chicago, to do the best work of our lives.

Having worked with DoorDash since its early days, and having actively participated in forming the engineering culture here, I hope to be able to carry this culture to the new office in Chicago and help this team stay connected with our HQ. This team will be uniquely positioned to not only drive impactful projects on the merchant finance side independently, but also form the foundation of a larger merchant organization and a larger engineering office in Chicago. This founding team will be making history, writing a new chapter for DoorDash.  

If you are interested in working on impactful financial engineering projects and in shaping DoorDash’s engineering presence in Chicago as a founding engineer, please check out these opportunities