Today, I’m excited to announce that DoorDash is building an engineering team in the “Steel City” - Pittsburgh, PA. The DoorDash engineering team is expanding quickly, and we’re looking forward to leveraging the technical talent in the area. Our new Pittsburgh team will be focused on core platform technologies that drive our delivery logistics platform and solve some of our team’s largest distributed systems challenges. Our new office location will be opening in Pittsburgh early next year and we plan to bring on fifty new team members by next summer. 

Why Pittsburgh?

Once a city of industry known for its steel mills and manufacturing, Pittsburgh is now home to a vibrant tech scene fueled by world-class research institutions, technology, robotics, and innovation. The city boasts a massive amount of both professional and new graduate talent and we’re excited to become a key part of the local tech community. Pittsburgh is key to DoorDash’s expansion strategy. 

Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto said, "DoorDash has provided invaluable service to the residents, businesses and economy of the City of Pittsburgh through the delivery of local products to local people and families as well as providing $150,000 in grants to local restaurants earlier this year to help them get through the pressures of the pandemic. We are pleased that DoorDash has announced they will be expanding their local operations and contributing to Pittsburgh's innovation economy by bringing 50 engineering jobs to the city and we look forward to continuing our partnership."

Pittsburgh Engineering Teams

Platform Evolution is a newly formed engineering team and will be the first (of many) teams to be located in Pittsburgh. As previous blog posts have discussed, the DoorDash engineering team has been focused on transitioning away from a monolithic codebase to a microservices architecture. This new team represents the next phase in this transformation. In addition to having our product teams focus on the migration, we’ll also be staffing a fully dedicated team. Platform Evolution will be responsible for building the core platform components to enable a seamless migration, while also ensuring we are able to increase capacity and expand to new global markets. As a centralized platform team, our software engineers will have the opportunity to contribute to all aspects of DoorDash’s products and internal services.

If the idea of solving deep technical challenges and being a founding member of a new engineering team sounds interesting, check out our open positions: