We are excited to announce that DoorDash is establishing an Antipodean presence, expanding its global presence, with multiple Engineering teams in Australia. This new location allows us to tap into the abundance of local tech talent, to join us on our mission to help empower local economies and build solutions to support DoorDash’s growth Down Under, and beyond. This significant investment will establish a centre of excellence in the country with plans to hire 50 engineers across multiple cities in 2022.

We're committed to empowering engineers to do their best work regardless of location, and the establishment of this new centre allows us to do just that. We'll be actively hiring and expanding our local office presence in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane and engaging diverse talent with flexible working arrangements across the country. Team members will have the opportunity to travel to work and collaborate in-person when comfortable and safe to do so. We know that flexibility and diverse perspectives are an advantage in a global organization and this expansion will enable this hub to come together to tackle some of DoorDash's biggest challenges.

Building on-demand delivery in Australia 

The geography and population density of Australia poses some interesting challenges for distribution and delivery. With a norm of two to three days delivery for retail purchases in metropolitan cities and closer to five days in rural areas, we are excited about transforming consumer expectations by getting items to customers’ doors in under 40 minutes from local merchants. This won’t happen overnight and will require product innovation, but the building blocks are there. The lessons we learn here will then bolster our product in other international markets as we build locally and scale globally.

A regional office to boost reliability and quality

Growing our international engineering teams is an important part of ensuring regional quality and reliability. We are expanding our coverage into a broader Pacific Time zone, with the US West Coast, Japan and Australia to ensure our local Customers, Merchants and Dashers have support where and when they need it. 

Engineers are mission critical to developing and tailoring products and solutions that meet the ever evolving needs and expectations of the local market. There is no one size fits all and our team of tech experts from backend to mobile engineers are committed to ensuring the platform delivers the best quality service and experience for all.  

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Local technical leadership is also advantageous as we build new strategic partnerships with merchants like IGA, integrate with new services like Shippit, and look for innovative ways to address Australian Dasher needs Having teams on the ground to foster these relationships will unlock new opportunities as we grow DoorDash in Australia.

Establishing an Asia-Pacific presence

We’re always looking for strategic opportunities to empower local economies with our platform. Establishing strong engineering hubs in Australia and Japan will set a strong foundation for serving new customers across the Asia-Pacific Region. We aim to be 1% better every day and we are looking forward to learning more about the rich culture and traditions of the region.

Our team is hiring and calling all passionate Engineers to come join us. Our mission to improve the customer experience for merchants, Dasher and consumers will require ranging across the vast ecosystem of applications that we have at DoorDash. Flexibility, curiosity and technical breadth is our recipe for success and we need Engineers to contribute across the stack. Engineers will be part of a growing company that is focussed on positively impacting and growing local Aussie economies.

Check out our roles on the engineering careers page!