TLDR: DoorDash is very excited to be sponsoring two additional engineers for the Hack the Planet Scholarship, which actively contributes to growing tech diversity within the distributed systems tech domain.

Our participation will include financially supporting two extra scholarships and leveraging our team to provide technology mentorship and networking opportunities to the applicants that are selected. Below we will outline more details about the program and how to apply for the scholarship. 

What is Redpanda’s Hack the Planet Scholarship

Redpanda Data started the Hack the Planet Scholarship last year to help make the world of tech look more like the world around us. 

Hack the Planet helps underrepresented groups and minorities get into and excel in technology. The program supports people hacking on a distributed systems-related project over a four-month period. 

Selected scholarship recipients receive $1,500/month and weekly 1-1 mentorship from DoorDash’s senior engineers, who have experience working on some of the largest and most complex distributed systems. This mentorship will cover everything from code review and design review to providing the support needed for participants to successfully complete their projects. Recipients can work on any project they want – although we recommend working on open source projects.

Scholarship requirements and how to apply 

We are asking that all applicants have basic programming skills and be proficient in either Kotlin, C++, Go, C, JavaScript or Java.

To apply, fill out the application form, which includes writing a project proposal that you want to hack on for three to four months. The deadline to apply is June 30th.

Successful proposals will cover the following: 

  • Tell us your story ( include your Github profile ) and why you think this opportunity would help you specifically accomplish something cool 
  • In what areas can we help you, with regards to mentorship or other resources? 
  • Give a summary of the project you had in mind for this hack. What is the problem or opportunity you see in this project, what was your motivation in finding this hack in particular?
    • The project must involve two or more computers trying to achieve some kind of task (saving data, replicating files, etc.). It should be challenging and can be broken down and scoped out into 3-4 months of work. 

Ultimately, we want this to be an exciting and fun experience where you tackle your ambitious ideas with the help and support of our team. 

DoorDash is excited to be a part of the Hack the Planet scholarship program and continue contributing to uplifting diversity programs like this. Please refer to the official Hack the Planet page for more information.