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API-First Approach to Kafka Topic Creation

DoorDash revamps Kafka Topic creation which reduces real-time pipeline onboarding time and saves countless developer hours.

Varun Chakravarthy Basar Onat Seed Zeng Luke Christopherson

How DoorDash Manages Mobile Releases

DoorDash’s consumer iOS team manages the complexities of release management at scale.

Manolo Sañudo
AI & ML Data Machine Learning

Transforming MLOps at DoorDash with Machine Learning Workbench

DoorDash builds an internal ML Workbench by taking a user-centered approach to solve for productivity and velocity of our Data, ML, AI teams.

Archit Jha Nachiket Paranjape

Privacy Engineering at DoorDash Drive

DoorDash Drive explors geomasking user addresses to protect privacy while maintaining local analytic capabilities.

Alex Dougherty
Backend Data Mobile Web

Leveraging Flink to Detect User Sessions and Engage DoorDash Consumers with Real-Time Notifications

Doordash optimizes real-time notifications with the frontend events by leveraging streaming processing.

Chen Yang Fan Zhang

Nurturing Engineering Talent: The DoorDash Apprentice Engineering Manager Program 

DoorDash's Apprentice Engineering Manager Program fosters tech talent, preparing them for leadership in innovation-driven tech industry.

Gayatri Iyengar Stephanie Morales
Backend Mobile Web

Revamping Dasher FAQ Hub Through Server-Driven Content and WebView

Optimize your Dasher journey: unlock efficiency, boost earnings, and overcome challenges with our self-help content hub

Kent Lee Jason Prasad Siddharth Utgikar Josephine Chen
Backend Data General

How DoorDash Standardized and Improved Microservices Caching

DoorDash's in-house multi-layer cache, used to unlock our high-performance services across DoorDash

Lev Neiman Jason Fan
Backend Data

Addressing the Challenges of Sample Ratio Mismatch in A/B Testing

Solutions for dealing with sample ratio mismatch.

Stas Sajin Michael Zhou Krishna Gourishetti

How DoorDash Defines Great Engineering Management

How DoorDash defines great engineering management


How DoorDash Fosters Meaningful Engineering Career Development

How DoorDash fosters meaningful engineering career development

Machine Learning

How DoorDash Improves Holiday Predictions via Cascade ML Approach

Learn how DoorDash optimizes supply and demand forecasts using a cascade machine learning approach for enhanced accuracy during holidays. Discover how this innovative technique, combining Gradient Boosting and linear models, ensures operational efficiency, top-notch customer experiences, and seamless Dasher interactions.

Chad Akkoyun Zainab Danish

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