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Building Frictionless MFA to Protect Against Account Takeovers

Multi-factor authentication is key to preventing account takeovers, but must be used carefully in order to not disrupt the user experience

Qi Guo

DoorDash 2021 Summer Intern Survey Post

DoorDash interns get experience that is not taught in any classroom. Learn about some of the projects they worked on this past summer.

Nir Levin Austin Leung Anna Sun Michael Yu Austin Kim

Eight Things We Learned from Implementing Payments in the DoorDash Android App

Avoid challenges in user experience, payment methods and fraud when implementing payments to an android with these 8 learnings.

Harsh Alkutkar

How to Run Apache Airflow on Kubernetes at Scale

Learn how DoorDash managed to make its data orchestration more scalable and reliable with Kubernentes and Airflow

Akshat Nair

The 4 Principles DoorDash Used to Increase Its Logistics Experiment Capacity by 1000%

In a data driven world a company's experiment capacity directly impacts its development velocity. Learn what DoorDash did to boost testing 1000%

Sifeng Lin Yixin Tang

Separating User Data with Multi-tenancy To Improve User Management

Learn how multi tenancy can help enable more convenient guest checkout

Carol Wang
Culture General

Drumroll! DoorDash Engineering is coming to Chicago.

Learn about DoorDash's newest office in Chicago and all the opportunities to work on the Merchant Finance team

Varsha Dudani
Machine Learning

Using Triplet Loss and Siamese Neural Networks to Train Catalog Item Embeddings

Learn how DoorDash used neural networks to better understand the contents of its large online catalog and improve search and recommendations

Abhi Ramachandran

Why Burnout is Hard to Detect

Learn more about burnout and how to detect and recover from it in this article

Kunal Behl
Machine Learning

Increasing Operational Efficiency with Scalable Forecasting

Scaling forecasting to a large data team is not practical without a scalable platform. Learn how we built forecast factory at DoorDash

Ryan Schork
Backend Mobile

Improving Development Velocity with Generic, Server-Driven UI Components

Learn how Generic server driven UI enabled faster iterations and more experimentation on the DoorDash platform

Ashwin Kachhara Alice Hyun Afshin Dehghani
Machine Learning

Predicting Marketing Performance from Early Attribution Indicators

Learn how DoorDash managed to respond faster to changes in the market by building a model to utilize early attribution data from experiments

Zhe Mai

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