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Data Machine Learning

Introducing Fabricator: A Declarative Feature Engineering Framework

Learn how our Fabricator infrastructure integrations for ML features were automated and continuously deployed to generate 500 unique features and 100+ billion daily feature values

Kunal Shah

Building a Platform to Translate DoorDash into Multiple Languages

Learn how DoorDash automated the process of creating translations to enable us to offer a localized experience as we expand globally

Venkataramanan Kuppuswamy Arun Dharumar Saagarikha Srinivasan

Using CloudFront Signed URLs with Built-In Authenticated Access to S3

Read this extremely detailed example of how to set up a cheap, public, HTTPS service that can serve up files via signed URLs.

Steve Hoffman

DoorDash sets up Engineering Hub in Australia

Learn about DoorDash's newest international engineering hub and our plans for improving delivery and building a remote friendly workplace.

Sharim Chua

Scaling a routing algorithm using multithreading and ruin-and-recreate

Learn how DoorDash expanded its logistics platform with a ruin and recreate based algorithm

Ben Katz

Tackling technical challenges to build a global logistics platform

Expanding internationally requires overcoming several technical obstacles. Learn about all the challenges and how DoorDash is tackling them

Navid Zolghadr

The Beginner’s Guide to Kotlin Coroutine Internals

When our team started using Kotlin for our backend development we created this guide so our engineers could use coroutines over Java threads.

Sonic Wang
Machine Learning

How DoorDash Quickly Spins Up Multiple Image Recognition Use Cases

Learn how DoorDash utilizes deep learning to power some of its image recognition use-cases

Chi Zhang Sushil Vellanki
Machine Learning

Improving Subgroup Analysis with Stein Shrinkage

Learn how DoorDash Utilized Stein Shrinkage to perform subgroup analysis without the danger of high variances

David Kastelman

Pioneering DoorDash’s Platform Evolution in Pittsburgh

Learn about the platform evolution team DoorDash is building in our newest Engineering office in Pittsburgh PA

Brian Bailey

Building Frictionless MFA to Protect Against Account Takeovers

Multi-factor authentication is key to preventing account takeovers, but must be used carefully in order to not disrupt the user experience

Qi Guo

DoorDash 2021 Summer Intern Survey Post

DoorDash interns get experience that is not taught in any classroom. Learn about some of the projects they worked on this past summer.

Nir Levin Austin Leung Anna Sun Michael Yu Austin Kim

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