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How to Handle Kubernetes Health Checks

Kubernetes probes are rarely fully understood, which can cause unintentional outages if internal understanding is insufficient.

Andres Ivanov
Backend General

Functional Core, Imperative Shell – Using Structured Concurrency to Write Maintainable gRPC Endpoints in Kotlin

In this post, we will show how we write gRPC endpoints using the functional-core, imperative-shell pattern in Kotlin

James Lamine

Taming Content Discovery Scaling Challenges with Hexagons and Elasticsearch

Learn how DoorDash scaled our campaign based fan out problem by evaluating S2, H3, Elastic search, and Geohash.

Ujjwal Gulecha

Fast Feedback Loop for Kubernetes Product Development in a Production Environment

Learn how DoorDash used Signadot and multi tenancy to create a fast feedback loop for our Kubernetes port forward deployment strategy

Santosh Banda Misa Gohara

Improving Fault Tolerance with RPC Fallbacks in DoorDash’s Microservices

Failures are inevitable, so building fault tolerance through retries, replication, and fallbacks is critical to ensuring a positive user experience

Leart Gjoni

Enabling Faster Financial Partnership Integrations Using Cadence

Read the technology review we conducted to find the right task management technology for Dashpass onboarding. Learn why we chose Cadence

Wenhan Shen Lev Neiman

3 Changes to Expand DoorDash’s Product Search Beyond Delivery

Focusing on delivery allowed DoorDash to build a food search engine, but expanding beyond food with more SKUs and merchants requires a substantial upgrade.

Sonic Wang Xiaochang Miao Yongshuang Wang
Backend Data

How We Applied Client-Side Caching to Improve Feature Store Performance by 70%

Learn about which caching libraries we considered, the analysis of our system and how we were able to use experiments to validate our approach.

Kornel Csernai

Using Fault Injection Testing to Improve DoorDash Reliability 

When failure is inevitable, building fault tolerance with fault injection testing ensures that failures do not bring the platform down with them

Christopher Meiklejohn
Backend General

How to leverage functional programming in Kotlin to write better, cleaner code

Is functional programming a good paradigm to use for Kotlin development? Read this guide for direct coding comparisons between FP and OOP

Jerry Liu

Moving e2e testing into production with multi-tenancy for increased speed and reliability

Learn how we used multi-tenancy to improve production testing standards, speed and effectiveness in this new technical blog post

Santosh Banda
Backend Web

Building a Unified Chat Experience at DoorDash

Learn how we unified our chat across all our platforms by leveraging common UI components and an extensible backend and automated it with NLP

Dan Behar

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