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Backend General

Integrating GitHub with Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Deployment

When an engineer at DoorDash opens a GitHub pull request, our goal is to quickly and automatically provide information about code health. GitHub’s status API compliments GitHub webhooks, which allow you to trigger custom routines as events fire in your GitHub account. When developers push to our largest repo, they see something like this at the bottom of ...

Jonathan Block

Tips for Building High-Quality Django Apps at Scale

At DoorDash, most of our backend is currently based in Django and Python. The scrappy Django codebase from our early days has evolved and matured over the years as our business has grown. To continue to scale, we’ve also started to migrate our monolithic app towards a microservices architecture. We’ve learned a lot about what ...

Alvin Chow Bernard Liang

Data at DoorDash: Transparent, Ubiquitous, and Still Just Getting Started

(Cross-posted from Job Portraits, a site that highlights fast-growing startup teams. For the interview below, Job Portraits spoke with Hendra, DevOps/Data Infrastructure Manager; Rohan, Engineering Manager; Preston, Data Scientist & M.L. Engineer; and Jessica, Head of BizOps/Analytics.) DoorDash tracks hundreds of variables to make sure a customer’s food arrives on-time and fresh, but the impact of data ...


Migrating from Heroku to AWS (using Docker)

At DoorDash, providing a fast, on-demand logistics service would not be possible without a robust computing infrastructure to power our backend systems. After all, it doesn’t matter how good our algorithms and application code are if we don’t have the server capacity to run them. Recently, we realized that our existing Heroku-based infrastructure wasn’t meeting ...

Alvin Chow

Implementing REST APIs with Embedded Privacy

Here at DoorDash, we’re tackling the problem of real-time delivery by integrating all players involved into our logistics platform. By controlling the entire stack of the delivery process, we believe we’re positioned to provide the most consistent logistics. In order to provide integrated logistics for our restaurant food delivery service, we’ve had to build out ...

Andy Fang

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