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DoorDash, from an intern’s perspective

On my first day, I walked into DoorDash HQ expecting the typical orientation — long talks, heavy technical training, and tons of meetings. And while yes, I did eventually get all of that and more, little did I know I’d be leaving as fast as I had arrived, receiving orders, bouncing from restaurants and delivering ...

Justin He

Inclusion @ DoorDash

Engaging, encouraging, and empowering our community to value diversity and inclusivity through intentional decisions around hiring, rewards, and penalties. If you really care about something, it has to be at the core of what you do. At DoorDash we believe an inclusive environment is a competitive advantage. To reflect this, we integrated Diversity and Inclusion ...

Mark Nachazel Nick Rutowski

New Year, New York, New Office

Update: DoorDash has opened a new New York City office. Learn about that office launch in this article. As DoorDash expands its footprint into all 50 states, growing from 600 cities to 3,300 in the past year alone, it’s time for our Engineering Org to expand to keep pace. In addition to our engineering teams ...

Rohit Raghunathan Viraj Bindra Noah Zempsky Tanu Raghuram

Why I Joined DoorDash as a Software Engineer

For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve been writing blogs about preparing for technical interviews and about my startup. I ran a computer science club that helps engineers prepare for technical interviews and participated in Y-Combinator’s Startup School. Because I stopped working on my startup, I needed a (real?) job so I applied ...

Ali Mir

My Engineering Internship Experience at DoorDash

Walking into the cafeteria on my first day, I could not help but notice five words written on big colorful boards: humble, thoughtful, bold, optimistic, and relentless. These represented the company’s values and I have to admit the first time I read them, I was confused. Of course, I knew what the words meant individually, but ...

Ivy Wang

Dashing into my Software Engineering Internship Experience

As I scurry to Little Star Pizza without breaking a sweat, I ask for Anna’s delivery and pride myself on finally tackling that New Year’s resolution of staying fit. Welcome to my first day at DoorDash, where my first task as a Software Engineering Intern was to learn our technology by delivering food. I love ...

Millie Yang

My Delightful Summer Interning at DoorDash HQ

This summer I was ecstatic to work as a software engineer intern at DoorDash. It was an incredible, intense summer — I learned a remarkable amount about software engineering that no textbook could have taught me. I also discovered the work culture that I work best in, what makes technology startups like DoorDash thrive, and what it’s ...

Danielle Penny

Inside DoorDash Hackathon VI: Hack to the Future

Last week, DoorDash held our Fall 2016 hackathon: Hack to the Future. Like previous hackathons, we asked our engineering, design, IT, and business operations teams to think beyond quarterly roadmaps and build what they envision DoorDash to be years down the line. The hackathon kicked off with an icebreaker to help people meet other like-minded hackers outside ...

Kathy Sun

DoorDash Hackathon V: A Recap

Back in DoorDash’s earliest days, when the only employees were our three co-founders, the entire platform could be considered a “hack”: it featured a static website with a phone number where customers would call in to place orders. This skeleton team had few tools at their disposal beyond pen, paper, and elbow grease. Since then, we’ve ...

Shayon Saleh

How DoorDash Engineers Are Building The Future of Logistics

(Cross-posted from Job Portraits, a site that highlights fast-growing startup teams. For the interview below, Job Portraits spoke with software engineers Kate Liu, Aju Scaria, and Abdul Nimeri, iOS Engineer Jeff Cosgriff, and CTO and Cofounder Andy Fang.) Let’s start simple: What is DoorDash? Jeff: At its core, DoorDash is a technology company. We are working to ...

Culture General

Food Delivery by Drone: Literally a Pie in the Sky Idea

A few weeks back, we held our second formal hackathon, where DoorDash engineers tackled projects like a tool to improve customer service communication, a lightweight recommendation engine, and an employee name game. Oh, and we also crashed some drones. As a technology company focused on delivery, we’ve always been fascinated with different ways to get ...

Jonathan Goldsmith Brandon Ly

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