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2022 Summer Intern Projects Article #3

Learn about more of our 2022 summer intern projects in this third article of our series.

Rini Vasan Peyton Chen William Louis Amrita Rajan

2022 DoorDash Summer Intern Projects Article #2

Learn about more of our 2022 summer intern projects in this second article

Taige Zhang Shuyang Wu Zhiyang Zhang Andy Jiang Kenny Chi

DoorDash 2022 Summer Intern Projects

Learn more about the 2022 summer intern projects in this survey post,

Wenfei Tang Jayeon Koo Jianna Liu Michael Yu Xiaochuan Xu
Culture General

6 Best Practices to Manage Pull Request Creation and Feedback

Some process improvements take a long time, but a simple change that can make a big difference: Creating easy to review pull requests

Jenna Kiyasu
Backend General

Functional Core, Imperative Shell – Using Structured Concurrency to Write Maintainable gRPC Endpoints in Kotlin

In this post, we will show how we write gRPC endpoints using the functional-core, imperative-shell pattern in Kotlin

James Lamine
Data General

Building a Source of Truth for an Inventory with Disparate Data Sources

Learn how DoorDash crowdsources data from a variety of sources to help predict realtime inventory for our new connivence and grocery product

Anubhav Kushwaha

DoorDash becomes a sponsor of Hack the Planet Scholarship

DoorDash is very excited to be sponsoring two additional engineers for the Hack the Planet Scholarship and help grow tech diversity

Matt Ranney

DoorDash’s May 12th Outage

Learn more about what triggered the DoorDash May12th outage

Ryan Sokol
Culture General

6 questions with DoorDash’s New VP of Engineering, Liangxiao Zhu

We’re thrilled to welcome Liangxiao, our first VP of Engineering, to DoorDash!

Backend General

How to leverage functional programming in Kotlin to write better, cleaner code

Is functional programming a good paradigm to use for Kotlin development? Read this guide for direct coding comparisons between FP and OOP

Jerry Liu

Tackling technical challenges to build a global logistics platform

Expanding internationally requires overcoming several technical obstacles. Learn about all the challenges and how DoorDash is tackling them

Navid Zolghadr

Pioneering DoorDash’s Platform Evolution in Pittsburgh

Learn about the platform evolution team DoorDash is building in our newest Engineering office in Pittsburgh PA

Brian Bailey

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