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Culture General

Interview with Rajat Shroff – VP of Product at DoorDash

Learn more about the product design team at DoorDash

Helena Seo
Culture General

Design Leadership Interview with Tae Kim

Learn more about what it means to be a product designer at DoorDash

Will DiMondi
Culture General

Product Leadership Interview with Kevin Fu

Learn about the DoorDash product organization: their mission goals and culture

Taleen Shekerijan
Culture General

Design Leadership Interview with Radhika Bhalla

Learn what its like to be a UX researcher at DoorDash from our head of UX, Radhika Bhalla

Helena Seo
Culture General

Becoming a Leader as a First-Generation Immigrant

Although we’re living in an era in which many companies advocate for diversity and inclusion, I am often still the only female director in the room in the tech industry. Even more often, I find myself to be the only first-generation immigrant who learned English as a second language. This is interesting given almost 27% of the ...

Helena Seo

“Designing” a Career Ladder for Product Design

Learn more about the design team at DoorDash

Helena Seo
Backend General

Enforce Timeout: A DoorDash Reliability Methodology

“What would happen if we removed statement timeouts in our Postgresql databases?” That’s one of the questions asked in a management meeting. At the time I only responded that it would be bad — it would cause problems and make it harder to debug. However, I realize now that this is a topic that many people don’t ...

Zhaobang Liu
Backend General

Integrating GitHub with Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Deployment

When an engineer at DoorDash opens a GitHub pull request, our goal is to quickly and automatically provide information about code health. GitHub’s status API compliments GitHub webhooks, which allow you to trigger custom routines as events fire in your GitHub account. When developers push to our largest repo, they see something like this at the bottom of ...

Jonathan Block
General Mobile

Making Deliveries More Accurate with Improved Location Information

As a DoorDash customer, you should always know where your order is in the delivery journey. Whether the Dasher is on the way to the restaurant, waiting for your food, or nearing your location, the DoorDash app keeps you up to date every step of the way. In the past, we’ve typically used GPS information ...

Xilin Liu

“Bee boo bee boop”: Testing Robot Deliveries on DoorDash

All types of Dashers use DoorDash on a daily basis to complete deliveries. Some people drive cars, while others use bikes, motorcycles, scooters, or even walk. Each form of transportation has its own unique set of skills. Scooters can go through traffic easier, but are limited in the size of food they can carry. Bikers ...

Stanley Tang

Launching the DoorDash Platform with DoorDash Drive

From the very start, DoorDash was founded with the goal of being the local logistics layer for every city. To get there, we began by building a consumer-facing marketplace focused on possibly the most complicated item to deliver correctly: food. Over the past three years we’ve been learning from millions of deliveries, training our data models, ...

Abhay Sukumaran
Culture General

Food Delivery by Drone: Literally a Pie in the Sky Idea

A few weeks back, we held our second formal hackathon, where DoorDash engineers tackled projects like a tool to improve customer service communication, a lightweight recommendation engine, and an employee name game. Oh, and we also crashed some drones. As a technology company focused on delivery, we’ve always been fascinated with different ways to get ...

Jonathan Goldsmith Brandon Ly

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