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General Mobile

Making Deliveries More Accurate with Improved Location Information

As a DoorDash customer, you should always know where your order is in the delivery journey. Whether the Dasher is on the way to the restaurant, waiting for your food, or nearing your location, the DoorDash app keeps you up to date every step of the way. In the past, we’ve typically used GPS information ...

Xilin Liu
Mobile Web

Why We Use KIF-Quick for User Interface Tests

At DoorDash our engineering teams are constantly building out new code to improve our user interface (UI) on iOS. Recently, we developed our own unique testing system that combines a framework called Keep it Functional with Quick, a behavior-driven development framework. We have seen that our KIF-Quick system provides the very best testing results and are proud ...

Paul Zabelin

Group Ordering Just Became Easier with New iMessage Integration

Earlier this year, at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference, we demoed a way for DoorDash customers to place group orders directly from the new iMessage app. After polishing up the feature for the past few months and seeing the successful roll out of the new iMessage for iOS10, we’re excited that DoorDash for iMessage is now available with ...

Andy Mai

DoorDash at #WWDC2016

Today at the World Wide Developer’s Conference, Apple revealed some of the newest features of their upcoming iOS 10 platform. One of their most exciting features is for app developers to be able to integrate with iMessage. We are currently working on supporting this new functionality in the DoorDash iOS app, and during the keynote today ...

Stanley Tang

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