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Backend Mobile Web

Revamping Dasher FAQ Hub Through Server-Driven Content and WebView

Optimize your Dasher journey: unlock efficiency, boost earnings, and overcome challenges with our self-help content hub

Kent Lee Jason Prasad Siddharth Utgikar Josephine Chen

Five Challenges to Building an Isomorphic JavaScript Library

Building isomorphic JavaScript libraries make it easy to build on the client and server side but have some challenges to work through first

Nick Fahrenkrog

DoorDash’s Lessons on Improving Performance on High-Traffic Web Pages

As e-commerce platforms grow, their web applications begin to slow and performance-boosting techniques are required to maintain their speed and functionality.

Paipo Tang David Nguyen

Building a Common Web Library for Fast Implementations of Risk Frictions

To quickly implement new fraud prevention "frictions" we built a common library with React.js Typescript and Apollo graph. Read the guide

Sri Venkatesh Sankaran

Improving Web Page Performance at DoorDash Through Server-Side Rendering with Next.JS 

Displaying enticing product images with fast load speeds on high-traffic pages can be a hard. Learn how we implemented server side rendering with next.js

Patrick El-Hage Duncan Meech

Building a Marketing Engineering Platform using Next.js, Cloudflare, and Contentful

Learn how we built a multi-tenant website platform with internationalization, analytics, shared components, and more...

Harry Dehal Josh Santomieri
Backend Web

Building a Unified Chat Experience at DoorDash

Learn how we unified our chat across all our platforms by leveraging common UI components and an extensible backend and automated it with NLP

Dan Behar
Backend Web

Leveraging the Pipeline Design Pattern to Modularize Recommendation Services

Learn how DoorDash engineers used a pipeline design pattern to make our recommendation page more efficient and flexible.

Backend Mobile Web

Overcoming Localization Challenges for International Expansions

DoorDash defined four key challenges to getting its platform ready for an international launch.

Noah Zempsky Ethan Myers Siddhartha Kakarla Winston Zhao Bryan Huang Xilin Liu
Mobile Web

Building Chat Into the DoorDash App to Improve Deliveries

Learn how we overcame the technical challenges of implementing chat quickly and efficiently for all our Dasher and consumer applications.

Marina Mukhina
Backend Web

Rebuilding and Migrating a Session Management System with Zero Downtime

Migrating DoorDash's business-critical session management system in a disruption-free manner required careful planning and monitoring.

Sin Ko Li Pei

Managing React State on DoorDash’s Item Modal Using the Class Pattern

Learn how DoorDash created the Class Pattern when building the Item Modal in its web application to increase reliability.

Winston Zhao

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