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Merchant Engineering in Chicago

To take advantage of Chicago's massive tech community, we have established an engineering office that will be focused on the financial platforms and products DoorDash merchants utilize on our platform. This office will mainly house two teams within the Merchant engineering organization, which is focused on building platforms and services to calculate, process, pay, and reconcile every dollar that a merchant earns and gets paid on the DoorDash platform. We are looking for engineers that are excited about taking on the significant technical challenges that come with building platforms and products that scale, love numbers, and wish to create a huge impact.

The teams we are building in Chicago

Merchant Finance

The Merchant Pay team is reimagining merchant pricing, payment, and accounting for DoorDash merchants by making the most complicated financial compliance tasks simple, accurate, and transparent. This team is building a merchant pay platform that allows for commissions, discounts, fees, tax, and more to be set and used in calculating merchant earnings. Some other exciting features the team is building include a rebate platform to reward merchants for efficient operations and good standing services, flexible and dynamic pricing models for merchants to choose from depending on their needs, and accurate and transparent reporting for merchant reconciliations.

The Tax team

The Tax team is responsible for calculating and reporting the taxes on all DoorDash orders by creating an intelligent, centralized technology solution for tax professionals and business owners. The platform will manage and calculate taxes that are accurate and compliant in every jurisdiction and can be configured to the regulatory tax needs of each area of operation. This is a central team that does not just watch the platform’s tax needs but also manages the compliance and regulatory needs for each order passing through the system.

Open Positions

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