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Working at DoorDash in New York City

DoorDash Engineering expanded to New York City in 2019, to focus on building products to help the company deliver quickly and reliably in highly dense delivery markets while using machine learning models to adapt our existing logistics platform to handle the challenges of urban geographies. Nearly three years later, our small team of engineers has grown and new charters have taken root in our Manhattan hub, and our teams now cover many aspects of the customer experience. The New York office offers the opportunity to join some of our largest and most impactful teams at DoorDash.

Our New York Based Teams

Consumer Verticals

The Consumer Verticals engineering team is building new products to help DoorDash bring the local community to user’s fingertips. Whether that is delivery of retail goods or alcohol, or going beyond delivery into nearby discovery, pick-up, or dine-in, the Consumer Verticals team is creating the entrypoint for local communities. This team is central to DoorDash expanding our business beyond basic food delivery.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence engineering in New York City comprises two teams - Delivery Experience, and Fraud/Identity. The Delivery Experience team is responsible for ensuring that every delivery is a perfect delivery, with a money back guarantee. We work across the stack from post-checkout experience, in-app chat, self help - all the way to a robust support platform. The Fraud/Identity team fuels healthy growth across the company by ensuring bad actors stay out, and that we uphold the trust and safety of our platform.

Ads & Commerce

Ads & Commerce consists of the product platform teams that power the flow of order and money throughout the marketplace stack. Tech stack and challenges are shared among the group, and teams are based out of NYC and SF. The mission of the Ads Platform team is to enable merchants to reach consumers via relevant, personalized and delightful ads experience at critical moments of their shopping journey on DoorDash. The ads we serve can help consumers discover novel and valuable shopping experiences, while helping merchants build their brand and merchandise awareness. The Promotion Platform team controls the inputs and outputs of the promotion system on the Merchant side. Merchants use a toolset called Merchant Portal to control their business on DoorDash marketplace, which allows merchants to configure and run their own promotions

DoorDash for Work

The DoorDash For Work (DDFW) team is a collection of Engineers, Product Managers, and operators defining and executing on our vision of food benefits in the world of hybrid offices. This team comprises Front-end, Back-end, iOS and Android Engineers. DDFW includes tools for admins and managers to create and allocate food benefits and software to help employees easily leverage the benefits at the office or at home without the hassle of receipts and approvals. We are building the first version of the product. We are also building products to make group ordering, whether at work or at a social gathering a seamless and fun experience all the way from selection through checkout and payments. We are building the very first version of a category defining catering product at DoorDash.

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