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Why Work at DoorDash in Seattle

DoorDash Seattle’s engineering teams are working on some of the company’s newest verticals and products, alongside a talented group of cross functional colleagues across product, design, and operations. Our engineers are building and scaling new ways to delight our customers, Dashers, and merchants on the DoorDash platform through our Storefront and Drive products. We are also working to reinvent convenience through our new DashMarts. Seattle is a large tech hub of over 150 employees with a vibrant and inclusive culture of innovation and community. Join us in the beautiful Pacific Northwest to take on new challenges and accelerate your career while empowering local businesses in Seattle and beyond.

Seattle Engineering Teams


Announced in August 2020, DashMart is a new type of convenience store offering both household essentials and local restaurant favorites to our customers’ doorsteps. Our founding team of engineers help enable the rapid expansion of DashMarts across many of our major US markets, pushing the limits of on-demand convenience in the digital age. The team has set up a microengineering office in a local DashMart, allowing the team to make changes and validating them with real-time feedback from direct user testing onsite.


DoorDash Drive is our logistics platform for merchants, enabling businesses to leverage our Dasher network and offer delivery to businesses hoping to expand their footprint and customer reach through their own channels. The Drive engineering team, co-located in Seattle and the Bay Area, is focused on building out a world class, low friction merchant experience for businesses who want to have a delivery offering, but cannot do it alone. Drive is powered by a state-of-the-art fulfillment backend that can empower merchants to deliver anything from anyone, anywhere. The vision behind Drive is to unlock as many opportunities for merchants as possible.


Launched in March 2020, Storefront is a complete online ordering solution that allows merchants to run their own ordering platform, powered by DoorDash’s fulfillment logistics.The Storefront engineering integrations team is responsible for building new platforms and extending existing DoorDash services to support 3rd party providers across verticals such as loyalty, giftcards, CRM and other integration types in order to support the needs of our Storefront Merchants.

Dasher Engagement

The mission of the Dasher Engagement team is to make Dashing the preferred gig of choice. This team is focused on building a Dasher Incentives system that offers our Dashers perks outside of their earnings. This team is also working on Dasher Earnings projects including providing transparency and fairness to the pay that Dashers make out of DoorDash. They are also helping unlock additional earnings opportunities for Dashers outside of the food delivery marketplace.

New Verticals

The New Verticals team in Seattle is part of the Fulfillment, Ground-truth and Store Experience (FGSE) team that will be responsible for systems (apps, tools, services, insights etc.) that support operations within a store. This includes the shopper app experience, tools to support merchants to help us make perfect deliveries, and tools to collect ground truth inside the store. Basically all the workflows that happen behind the scenes to complete an order.

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