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DoorDash's First International Engineering Hub

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Working at DoorDash in Toronto

The Toronto engineering office has the distinction of being DoorDash’s first international engineering hub, and serves as the model for our future tech offices across the globe. International offices like Toronto are key to building DoorDash’s internationalization and localization platforms since they are in close proximity to the kinds of merchants who need localized help getting on the platform. This office will be able to address the needs of major metropolises like Vancouver to small communities like Truro, and everywhere in between.

Our Focus in Toronto

International Growth and Expansion

The International Growth and Expansion team is responsible for enabling all international site launches and geographical expansion for DoorDash engineering. Toronto engineers are currently focused in two key areas - International Platform and Localized Growth. The International Platform team is responsible for building reusable tools and platforms that can scale all DoorDash products globally. With these tools, core engineering teams can have minimal involvement while their product reliably works for every market in the world. Meanwhile, the International Growth team assists the Platform team to launch in new countries while addressing the unique local challenges of each market we enter.

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