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Food Delivery by Drone: Literally a Pie in the Sky Idea

A few weeks back, we held our second formal hackathon, where DoorDash engineers tackled projects like a tool to improve customer service communication, a lightweight recommendation engine, and an employee name game. Oh, and we also crashed some drones. As a technology company focused on delivery, we’ve always been fascinated with different ways to get ...

Jonathan Goldsmith Brandon Ly

Migrating from Heroku to AWS (using Docker)

At DoorDash, providing a fast, on-demand logistics service would not be possible without a robust computing infrastructure to power our backend systems. After all, it doesn’t matter how good our algorithms and application code are if we don’t have the server capacity to run them. Recently, we realized that our existing Heroku-based infrastructure wasn’t meeting ...

Alvin Chow

Designing an On-Demand Logistics System

At DoorDash, we’re building more than just an app. We’re building a system of products to enable on-demand delivery for local cities. People don’t use DoorDash because we have a pretty, easy-to-use app that allows you to order food. People use DoorDash because we provide the fastest and most reliable delivery service. At the end ...

Stanley Tang

Implementing REST APIs with Embedded Privacy

Here at DoorDash, we’re tackling the problem of real-time delivery by integrating all players involved into our logistics platform. By controlling the entire stack of the delivery process, we believe we’re positioned to provide the most consistent logistics. In order to provide integrated logistics for our restaurant food delivery service, we’ve had to build out ...

Andy Fang

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