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Culture General

Interview with Rajat Shroff – VP of Product at DoorDash

Learn more about the product design team at DoorDash

Helena Seo
Culture General

Design Leadership Interview with Tae Kim

Learn more about what it means to be a product designer at DoorDash

Will DiMondi
Machine Learning

DoorDash’s ML Platform – The Beginning

Learn how we increased the scalability and productivity of the data science team by building a machine learning platform

Param Reddy
Culture General

Product Leadership Interview with Kevin Fu

Learn about the DoorDash product organization: their mission goals and culture

Taleen Shekerijan
Culture General

Design Leadership Interview with Radhika Bhalla

Learn what its like to be a UX researcher at DoorDash from our head of UX, Radhika Bhalla

Helena Seo
Culture General

Design Leadership Interview with Will DiMondi

Learn more about the design team at DoorDash

Helena Seo
Machine Learning

Supercharging DoorDash’s Marketplace Decision-Making with Real-Time Knowledge

DoorDash is a dynamic logistics marketplace that serves three groups of customers: Merchant partners who prepare food or other deliverables, Dashers who carry the deliverables to their destinations,  Consumers who savor a freshly prepared meal from a local restaurant or a bag of groceries from their local grocery store.  For such a real-time platform as ...

Animesh Kumar Dawn Lu Sri Santhosh Hari
Backend Machine Learning

Next-Generation Optimization for Dasher Dispatch at DoorDash

Learn how we optimized dasher selection using data science

Holly Jin Josh Wien Sifeng Lin
Machine Learning

Organizing Machine Learning: Every Flavor Welcome!

Learn how we organized our ML team including its vision, values and organizational structure

Alok Gupta
Machine Learning

Personalized Cuisine Filter

The consumer shopping experience is a key focus area at DoorDash. We want to provide consumers an enjoyable shopping experience by providing the right recommendation to the right consumer at the right time for the right location. On our app, there are cuisine filters on the top of the explore page. We have built a ...

Max Li Xiaochang Miao

WINE Hangover!

Learn about the DoorDash women in engineering leadership forum program and its first cohort of participants

Esha Mallya Geeta Kavathekar Esha Mallya
Culture General

Becoming a Leader as a First-Generation Immigrant

Although we’re living in an era in which many companies advocate for diversity and inclusion, I am often still the only female director in the room in the tech industry. Even more often, I find myself to be the only first-generation immigrant who learned English as a second language. This is interesting given almost 27% of the ...

Helena Seo

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