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Our “Tech Stack” in the Android Dasher App

DoorDash has been on a hiring binge since the company was founded, often doubling or tripling in size each year. Over the last 2-3 years, this was particularly true for our Android teams as the platform has become more critical to the company. We’ve been aggressively growing our Android teams and will continue to do ...

Martin Beechen

Our Experience at Grace Hopper Celebration 2019

Laura: Since joining DoorDash about 1 year ago, I have been involved in a number of initiatives related to empowering women in tech, including being part of the leadership committee for Women@, and a board member for our female new employee buddy program, which aims to support new women engineers during on-boarding by pairing them ...

Laura Rodriguez Nikita Balakrishnan

[Series] How I Spend My Time – iOS Mobile Product Engineer

Since joining DoorDash about a year and a half ago, I have been able to work on a number of teams as an iOS engineer such as Dasher, Drive, Geo-Intelligence, and Internationalization. I’ve built core flows for our delivery process, merchant specific features such as Catering Setup and Parking Stalls, and a number of required ...

Raza Padhani
Culture Mobile

Why I Chose to Join DoorDash as an iOS Engineer

Here at DoorDash, I work as a mobile engineer and I have been interviewing candidates for about a year now. I often get asked why I joined DoorDash so I thought I would expand on that in a blogpost. I joined DoorDash on July 23rd, 2018 and I did so because we’re solving the logistics ...

Raza Padhani
Machine Learning

Analyzing Switchback Experiments by Cluster Robust Standard Error to Prevent False Positive Results

Within the dispatch team of DoorDash, we are making decisions and iterations every day ranging from business strategies, products, machine learning algorithms, to optimizations. Since all these decisions are made based on experiment results, it is critical for us to have an experiment framework with rigor and velocity. Over the last few years, we have ...

Yixin Tang Caixia Huang

DoorDash, from an intern’s perspective

On my first day, I walked into DoorDash HQ expecting the typical orientation — long talks, heavy technical training, and tons of meetings. And while yes, I did eventually get all of that and more, little did I know I’d be leaving as fast as I had arrived, receiving orders, bouncing from restaurants and delivering ...

Justin He

“Designing” a Career Ladder for Product Design

Learn more about the design team at DoorDash

Helena Seo

Writing Delightful HTTP Middleware in Go

While writing complex services in go, one typical topic that you will encounter is middleware. This topic has been discussed again, and again, and again, on internet. Essentially a middleware should allow us to: Intercept a ServeHTTP call, and execute any arbitrary code. Make changes to request/response flow along continuation chain. Break the middleware chain, ...

Zohaib Sibte Hassan

How to detect iOS memory leaks and retain cycles using Xcode’s memory graph debugger

At DoorDash we are consistently making an effort to increase our user experience by increasing our app’s stability. A major part of this effort is to prevent, fix and remove any retain cycles and memory leaks in our large codebase. In order to detect and fix these issues, we have found the Memory Graph Debugger ...

Vince Chau

Inclusion @ DoorDash

Engaging, encouraging, and empowering our community to value diversity and inclusivity through intentional decisions around hiring, rewards, and penalties. If you really care about something, it has to be at the core of what you do. At DoorDash we believe an inclusive environment is a competitive advantage. To reflect this, we integrated Diversity and Inclusion ...

Mark Nachazel Nick Rutowski
Machine Learning

Experiment Rigor for Switchback Experiment Analysis

At DoorDash, we believe in learning from our marketplace of Consumers, Dashers, and Merchants and thus rely heavily on experimentation to make the data-driven product and business decisions. Although the majority of the experiments conducted at DoorDash are A/B tests or difference-in-difference analyses, DoorDash occasionally relies on a type of experimentation internally referred to as ...

Carla Sneider Yixin Tang

New Year, New York, New Office

As DoorDash expands its footprint into all 50 states, growing from 600 cities to 3,300 in the past year alone, it’s time for our Engineering Org to expand to keep pace. In addition to our engineering teams in San Francisco and Mountain View, a group of engineers from San Francisco recently moved to Manhattan to ...

Rohit Raghunathan Viraj Bindra Noah Zempsky Tanu Raghuram

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