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Internships and Early Career Opportunities

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Starting your career at DoorDash is a great way to get real experience working with senior engineering on real projects to develop your skills.

Internship Program

At DoorDash, we believe that interns are essential to our mission of attracting and retaining top talent. During our 12 week internship, interns are completely immersed into our teams and will have the opportunity to develop, maintain, and ship products. As an intern, you will be able to make a direct impact on our business by collaborating with your team to solve real problems for our customers. We also offer 1:1 mentorship by top rated engineers, events that allow you to connect with fellow interns and company leaders, and full time conversion opportunities.

Team Matching

Prior to starting at DoorDash, we give interns the opportunity to review all our engineering teams taking on interns to match their own interests and development areas. This gives interns a more tailored experience by expressing which part of DoorDash they get to work with to gain the greatest learning experience and an exciting summer!

What Our Interns Have Accomplished

DoorDash interns gain industry that cannot be learned in the classroom by embedding with Engineering teams and completing real projects. Learn more about the projects past interns have completed here.


DoorDash 2021 Summer Intern Survey Post

DoorDash interns get experience that is not taught in any classroom. Learn about some of the projects they worked on this past summer.

Nir Levin Austin Leung Anna Sun Michael Yu Austin Kim

Building an Image Upload Endpoint in a gRPC and Kotlin Stack

Learn how we automated image uploads in gRPC and Kotlin

Abdalla Salia
Backend Data

Integrating a Search Ranking Model into a Prediction Service

Learn how moving ML models to a prediction service can free up RAM and CPU for more scalable development

Sarah Chen

Building Reliable Workflows: Cadence as a Fallback for Event-Driven Processing

Reengineering our event-driven delivery service for DoorDash Drive into Kotlin, we added the open source Cadence as a fallback for retries.

Alan Lin

Scaling DoorDash’s Geospatial Innovation with a Location-Based Delivery Simulator

Learn how we built a discrete event simulator for location data tests

Janice Lee

Dashing into my Software Engineering Internship Experience

As I scurry to Little Star Pizza without breaking a sweat, I ask for Anna’s delivery and pride myself on finally tackling that New Year’s resolution of staying fit. Welcome to my first day at DoorDash, where my first task as a Software Engineering Intern was to learn our technology by delivering food. I love ...

Millie Yang

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Software Engineer, Intern (Summer 2023)

Software Engineer, Intern - Toronto (Summer 2023)


Entry Level Roles

Start Your Career Off Strong

Graduating is an achievement in itself; making a successful transition into the industry at a company such as DoorDash is quite another. In an entry-level role at DoorDash, you will have the unique opportunity to jumpstart your career by enhancing the development of your technical and leadership skills in both career and confidence. Come join our growing team and get 1% better every day.

How We Hire Entry-Level Team Members

Step 1
Submit your application

We welcome students from different backgrounds, including bootcamps, so don’t be shy and apply!

Step 2

If we find that you are a potential fit for our roles, we will send you a HackerRank take home test to assess your preliminary skills.

Step 3
[Virtual] Onsite Interview

If you pass the HackerRank test, you will be invited to an [virtual] onsite interview. The [virtual] onsite consists of two coding interviews and an engineering values interview, which will be scheduled separately. To get an idea of our engineering values and culture, feel free to view our values here.

Step 4

After your interviews, your personal recruiter will work with you regarding decisions and next steps. We have a world-class recruiting team and you can trust your recruiter to help you navigate this process. We hope you decide to come join us at DoorDash!

Find Your Ideal Position

Software Engineer, Entry-Level

Software Engineer, Entry-Level - Toronto


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If you are looking to make an impact with innovative engineering while growing your career at a rapidly growing company, consider joining our team.

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