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Programmatic Scrolling with SwiftUI ScrollView

Learn about DoorDash's journey exploring programmatic scrolling support in swiftUI. Check out the open sourced solution in this guide

Zoltan Lippai

How the SwiftUI View Lifecycle and Identity work 

we compare UIKit’s event-driven approach to SwiftUI’s data-driven one, then dive into the SwiftUI view cycle, identity, and rendering process

Mike Zaslavskiy Anthony Williams Ryan Zhang

Why Apple’s New M1 Chips Are Essential for Rapid iOS Development

When looking for ways to help our iOS developers become more productive the first step was buying them the new M1 Max Macbook Pros.

Michael Thole

Your Deep Links Might Be Broken: Web Intents and Android 12

Get ahead of the behavior changes in the latest Android 12 update by fixing deep links with web intents in this guide

Michael Yotive

Eight Things We Learned from Implementing Payments in the DoorDash Android App

Avoid challenges in user experience, payment methods and fraud when implementing payments to an android with these 8 learnings.

Harsh Alkutkar
Backend Mobile

Improving Development Velocity with Generic, Server-Driven UI Components

Learn how Generic server driven UI enabled faster iterations and more experimentation on the DoorDash platform

Ashwin Kachhara Alice Hyun Afshin Dehghani
Backend Mobile Web

Overcoming Localization Challenges for International Expansions

DoorDash defined four key challenges to getting its platform ready for an international launch.

Noah Zempsky Ethan Myers Siddhartha Kakarla Winston Zhao Bryan Huang Xilin Liu
Mobile Web

Building Chat Into the DoorDash App to Improve Deliveries

Learn how we overcame the technical challenges of implementing chat quickly and efficiently for all our Dasher and consumer applications.

Marina Mukhina

Launching Dark Mode While Building a Scalable Design System

A large number of our DoorDash deliveries happen during the evening and in late night hours. Dashers, our delivery partners, were finding it really hard to use the Dasher app because the app’s bright screens did not adapt to the lower lighting conditions. The abundance of white in the design meant that critical information, such ...

Pradeep Devarabetta Mallikarjun Laura Rodriguez Gerardo Diaz

Building Multiple Distinctly Branded iOS Apps from a Single Codebase

A scalable solution for supporting multiple iOS apps means leveraging a common app library and design language system.

David Phan
Backend Culture Data General Machine Learning Mobile Web

2020 Hindsight: Building Reliability and Innovating at DoorDash

DoorDash recaps a number of its engineering highlights from 2020, including its microservices architecture, data platform, and new frontend development.

Mobile Web

Implementing Theming in DoorDash’s Design Language System

Adding the concept of Theming to DoorDash's design language system made it easier for engineers to use standardized design elements in all of our products.

Lindsey Menges

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