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Using CloudFront Signed URLs with Built-In Authenticated Access to S3

Read this extremely detailed example of how to set up a cheap, public, HTTPS service that can serve up files via signed URLs.

Steve Hoffman

Scaling a routing algorithm using multithreading and ruin-and-recreate

Learn how DoorDash expanded its logistics platform with a ruin and recreate based algorithm

Ben Katz

The Beginner’s Guide to Kotlin Coroutine Internals

When our team started using Kotlin for our backend development we created this guide so our engineers could use coroutines over Java threads.

Sonic Wang

Separating User Data with Multi-tenancy To Improve User Management

Learn how multi tenancy can help enable more convenient guest checkout

Carol Wang
Backend Mobile

Improving Development Velocity with Generic, Server-Driven UI Components

Learn how Generic server driven UI enabled faster iterations and more experimentation on the DoorDash platform

Ashwin Kachhara Alice Hyun Afshin Dehghani
Backend Data

Building Faster Indexing with Apache Kafka and Elasticsearch

DoorDash describes how it built a faster search index using open source projects.

Satish Saley Danial Asif Siddharth Kumar
Backend Web

Leveraging the Pipeline Design Pattern to Modularize Recommendation Services

Learn how DoorDash engineers used a pipeline design pattern to make our recommendation page more efficient and flexible.


Leveraging OpenTelemetry For Custom Context Propagation

Enabling custom content propagation allows our microservices architecture to take advantage of several powerful use-cases

Amit Gud
Backend Mobile Web

Overcoming Localization Challenges for International Expansions

DoorDash defined four key challenges to getting its platform ready for an international launch.

Noah Zempsky Ethan Myers Siddhartha Kakarla Winston Zhao Bryan Huang Xilin Liu
Backend Web

Rebuilding and Migrating a Session Management System with Zero Downtime

Migrating DoorDash's business-critical session management system in a disruption-free manner required careful planning and monitoring.

Sin Ko Li Pei

Migrating From Python to Kotlin for Our Backend Services

To support our migration to microservices we needed to find a new tech stack. Learn how we compared all the options and chose Kotlin

Matt Anger
Backend General

Gradual Code Releases Using an In-House Kubernetes Canary Controller

New service releases deployed into DoorDash’s microservice architecture immediately begin processing and serving their entire volume of production traffic. If one of those services is buggy, however, customers may have a degraded experience or the site may go down completely.  Although we currently have a traffic management solution under development for gradual service rollouts as ...


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